Come & Experience

Come and experience all our centre has to offer, including:

  • The spectacular presentation of Fr. Peyton’s life story.
  • The photographic exhibition of the prayer rallies.
  • Take time out to pray in the oratory.
  • Enjoy the spectacular view of the Ox Mountains from the contemplation garden which is dedicated to Peace in Ireland.
  • Recite the rosary in the Rosary Garden.
  • Visit our archives and heritage kitchen.
  • Spiritual direction and counselling.
  • School retreats  and spiritual direction.
  • Adult retreats and days of prayer.
  • Social services provided for senior citizens (day care and meals on wheels).
  • Refreshment always available.
  • Relax in our landscaped grounds which are overlooked by the Ox Mountains and hills.
  • Book our Conference Centre, seating capacity for 70 people.
  • Craft and Souvenir shop.
  • Free private coach and car parking area.
  • Book lunch with us and enjoy the finest of home cooking. (Seating for 60 people).

Dining / Tea Room


Souvenir Shop

Items Unique to the Fr Peyton Centre

  • Specially commissioned Fr Peyton rosary beads
  • Replica of statue in the Fr. Peyton Centre Oratory

Other Commercial Items


  • A Most Unusual Man
  • A Dedicated Man
  • A World at Prayer
  • The Life of Fr. Peyton (In His Own Words)


  • Praying the Rosary with Father Peyton


  • Fr Peyton Rosary Prayer Book
  • All For Her – An Autobiography
  • American apostle of the Family Rosary

Other items include music cds, statues, picture frames, candles and stationary items.