1. What are your opening times? – Outside of restrictions we are open from 10am- 4pm Monday to Friday from October to March.
  2. Are you open at weekends? –  Outside of restrictions We are open Saturday & Sunday 12pm – 4pm from April – September.
  3.  Are refreshments available? – Take away only during level 5 restrictions.
  4. Is lunch available? -Not at the moment
  5.  How do I book? – for any booking or enquiries please call 096 45374
  6.  Are you wheelchair accessible? – All public parts  of the building are wheelchair accessible.
  7.  Is there parking? – There is parking for cars and buses.
  8.  Can I buy refreshment if I am going on the loop walk? – There is a Tuck shop with the essentials if you ring we will bring your purchases to the door for you.
  9.  Is there a charge for the DVD & guided tour – There is a charge of €4.00pp for the DVD & Tour, €7.50 if you would like to have tea and freshly made scones afterwards.
  10.  Can I just walk in? – We are not open to the public during level 5.
  11.  Can anybody join the Tuesday group? – Anybody can join our Tuesday Group which will start again as soon as the Covid-19 Guidelines allow us.
  12. Are face masks mandatory? We insist for your own safety and the safety of the staff, who wear masks at all times, that masks are worn on the premises.
  13. Is the Father Peyton Centre open during level 5 restrictions? We cannot facilitate tours etc during level 5. But if you would like to order from our community shop or         bakery please ring. Mass cards and Items from our souvenir shop are also available.