Prayer Guild

The Father Peyton Guild:

United in Prayer for a Spiritual Cause
Guild members around the world commit to pray for:

The canonization of Venerable Patrick Peyton, C.S.C., a future Saint for Families
The continuation of his mission through Holy Cross Family Ministries

Their family and all families around the world

Are these things important to you too? If so, we ask you to consider joining our worldwide community of prayer, The Father Peyton Guild.
In gratitude for Guild member prayers and participation:

A Mass intention is prayed for members of the Guild and their families at the Father Peyton Centre the first Friday of each month. Guild members have an opportunity to submit their prayer requests for that special Mass. Guild members are invited to Holy Cross Family Ministries’ events throughout the country, particularly local chapter events in their area. All Guild members are invited to send in their chapter, family or individual photo to be displayed in the Father Peyton Centre. Guild Chapters and families receive a certificate and all members receive a laminated wallet-size membership card. Guild members become part of an important community of prayer with families around the world.

Each prayer brings Venerable Patrick Peyton one step closer to sainthood!

If families give Our Lady fifteen minutes a day by reciting the Rosary, I assure them that their homes will become by God’s grace, peaceful places.