During this “Journey of Faith” all Christians everywhere are encouraged to look seriously at their journey that began with our baptism. For most of us this Journey eventually takes us to the reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation. The preparation for this sacrament is a time for the candidate and their parents to look again at the promises that were made at Baptism.

Reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation is the time when the candidates have the opportunity to state for themselves that they “Confirm” what was promised for them by their parents and god-parents.

The Retreat Day that we offer at the Father Peyton Centre for those who are receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation is a time for us to reinforce what they are being taught at home and in school about the sacrament.

Students will be engaged in activities,discussions,prayer,storytelling,music and audio visuals, all geared to make further understanding the commitment that they are about to make.

The Retreat Team who conduct the retreats is experienced in presenting a day that is educational, entertaining and prayerful. Please consider making reservations for your Confirmation Class to come to the Fr. Peyton Centre for a day of retreat.

Youth Retreats

Youth Retreat Programmes for Secondary Schools and National Schools

These day-long programmes can be tailored to meet the needs of a particular school whether for a First Holy Communion or Confirmation Class or for students preparing for their Leaving Certificate or just for a school outing. The day will include age-appropriate group activities and discussions, presentations by the Spiritual Director of the Fr. Peyton Centre, prayer and music. Our goal is to have a positive experience with the young people who come here in a setting that is conducive to helping them know themselves and those around them.

We want them to celebrate life and to know that God loves them.


Retreat days for adults and pilgrim groups

Retreat days for adults and pilgrim groups

Tours / Pilgrimages

Tour groups or groups of people on a pilgrimage are welcome to make arrangements with the Spiritual Director of the Centre for programmes that would meet their needs. This programme may include spiritual input, prayer, celebration of the Eucharist and a meal.

Seasonal Reflections

During the Liturgical Seasons of Advent and Lent weekly evening programmes are offered at the Centre that include prayer and reflection in preparation for Christmas and Easter.


The staff of the Fr. Peyton Centre are willing to help structure and facilitate days of reflection for specific groups. Priests, Eucharistic Ministers, Liturgical Assistants, Teachers, Parents, etc.

For further details and booking of retreats telephone 096-45374 or email You can also use Our contact page.