Social Services

  • Day-care one day per week for the elderly of the area,
  • Meals-on-wheels,
  • Schools lunches (Disadvantaged area schools)


The “Day-Care” service provided by the Fr. Peyton C.S.C. Memorial Company has been a great success to-date. The service is provided each Tuesday. The number of people availing of the service is approximately forty per week. This number increases during the Summer Season.

The Fr. Peyton Centre is a popular choice of venue for other senior citizen groups to visit for a day’s outing. During the holiday seasons, return immigrants visit the Centre to meet with former schoolmates to reminisce and exchange pleasantries.

This is a very worthwhile service for the elderly and it is our intention to continue with this programme and if possible broaden our catchments area. As a result of modern medical treatment, the population of the country are living longer thus leading to a high percentage of senior citizens in all areas.

To-date we have been involved with this service for fourteen years and have gained much experience and expertise in dealing with the requirements, demands, and needs of elderly people An extension of our “Day-care” service has been requested by the District Nurse and by the Ballina Medical Centre team. However, the provision of an extension to this service is very dependant on other public services such as – Rural Transport Initiative, the H.S.E. funding and Pobal funding for employees of the Centre.

The Meals-on-Wheels service began in October 2007. Since the service began there has been a steady increase in the demand for the service. Meals-on-Wheels are delivered three days per week. – Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. People in receipt of the meals are housebound, for some recipients, the service is short term while they recuperate from an illness or hospitalization. Other recipients are long term. This is a great social service.

By providing this worthwhile service in our parish we are extending the caring service in the area. Social contact for housebound people is very important. It gives them a sense of security and well-being and delays institutional care. This service is much appreciated by the recipients and by their families.

We intend to continue the meals-on-wheels service into the future years and where possible extend the service. This social service is also dependant on the Community section of the H.S.E., Pobal funded staff and voluntary donations.

We provide school snacks for one hundred and ten pupils per day. There are two rural schools availing of the service. Those schools are in the primary schools “disadvantaged” category. The Fr. Peyton Centre is contracted by the schools to provide this service; they, in turn, are grant-aided by the Department of Education.

On speaking with the school principals they see this service as a great incentive to children to eat a healthy diet and are anxious that the service continues. We intend to approach other schools within a ten-mile radius and request them to investigate the possibility of them been included for the service